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Brella Zero Proof Cocktail Drops Aperitif | 60ml Bottle

Brella Zero Proof Cocktail Drops Aperitif | 60ml Bottle

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Introducing Brella's Aperitif drops -- a symphony of flavors inspired by the essence of bitter orange, Aperitif adds a touch of magic to your cocktail creations. Experience the enchantment as Aperitif dances gracefully with vodka, infusing your libations with a zesty twist. Or, let it mingle with champagne, transforming your celebrations into effervescent moments of pure delight. Immerse yourself in the riverside fun that an Aperitif embodies. Each drop paints a vibrant picture of sun-kissed shores and sparkling waters, inviting you to savor life's pleasures with every sip. Cheers to the vibrant flavors that awaken your senses. Raise your glass, add a squeeze of Aperitif, and let the magic unfold.

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