Andee's Postpartum NA Survival Guide

Well, we made it! As we all go through transition in life, it's important to nurture ourselves as well as our loved ones. Here's how I plan to find extra moments of joy.

Bollygood Lemon Ginger Mint drink at Loren's Alcohol-Fre


 Mornings: In the late morning, I'll be reaching for Drømme Awake Zero Proof Elixir. It's combination of supplements and nootropics lend support for energy and cognitive function. The easiest prep for me is to grab a small juice glass, fill it will ice, and pour about 1/3 Drømme Awake and 2/3 whatever seltzer I have in the house. 


Simple Times mixers

 Mid-Day: I've made it through the morning, but the lack of sleep might be getting to me. I want to drink something delicious, but most of all, easy! Grabbing a single can from my fridge is the best option. Here's what I've got stocked: Bollygood Sparkling Lemon Ginger Mint, DRY Botanical Bubbly Ranier Cherry, Kin Euphorics Actual Sunshine and anything by local Indianapolis brand 8th Day Distillery. 



Sovi sparkling white wine in cans by Loren's Alcohol-Free

Afternoons: By this time, I might have some visitors! I hope Kristin comes by and tells me about the shop as well as my Mom, family and friends. Although I can’t act like a genuine hostess, I plan to pull some Simple Times Blood Orange Lemonade and Sovi Sparkling White cans out of the fridge for some delightful spritzers! 



Evenings: I might not have ever made it out of my robe or lounge set, but I hope my day was filled with love and cuddles. I plan to stick with my favorite evening stiff drink, The Pathfinder Hemp & Root with seltzer water. The complex taste of douglas fir and earthy herbs will have been feeling like an adult again. 

The Pathfinder Hemp & Root available at Loren's Alcohol-Free


Andee Simpson is a co-founder and drink enthusiast at Loren's Alcohol-Free in Carmel, Indiana

Andee's Postpartum Survival Guide
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Thanks for sharing your postpartum survival guide, Andee! Nurturing ourselves is crucial during life’s transitions. At, we’re all about promoting wellness and self-care. Check out our range of soothing essential oils to complement your journey to finding moments of joy and relaxation. Wishing you all the best on this beautiful journey!

Josef Demangeat

Congrats Andee! As an expecting mama, who plans to stay AF postpartum, this was super helpful. Especially the Dromme awake in the AMs. Good call!

Melissa Tuleja

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