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Note: We named our business after our dad, Loren, who passed away in March 2022. This post was written by our mom, Sue.

andee and kris at grand opening

Anniversaries! They are days when we remember or celebrate something important that happened on that day in a previous year: This picture was taken last September 2nd – the official date of the grand opening of Loren’s Alcohol Free Beverages. Although Loren was the family member to remember dates of All kinds, I find the remembering part to be the best. We would have reached 47 years of marriage last June… a long time by what I think are today’s norms, although I have friends, neighbors and family who have recently reached 50! Good for them! 

Who knew when we were sitting in the hospital last February and hoping for a recovery that our daughters were planning a new chapter of their fact several new chapters! Although some were unplanned at the time like Andee’s recent marriage and the opening of the shop in West Clay. Family is an important part of this endeavor. I often say I am so lucky to have two wonderful sons-in-law. But wait until I talk about my daughters.

Loren’s siblings will tell you that  yes, he did like to brag about our ‘girls’ accomplishments, but what a lot to consider now. As a mom, and investor, I couldn’t be prouder of what Kristin and Andrea have accomplished. The knowledge they now have – and continue to acquire through this venture is amazing to me. Amazing in a way that  I admire their tenacity-- their tenacity to make these stores the success they are and their tenacity against the naysayers  who don’t understand the whole concept. An example that I purchased a new car and was telling the man ‘assigned’ to tell me about the technology of my new vehicle about the shop. It seemed like he just couldn’t wrap his head around the whole idea, and I have had this happen in other circumstances too [because I do like to brag about the shop]. Sometimes I think it is a generational thing. I admit that when I was working going out to dinner on a Friday night and having my glass of Michelob ultra or occasional glass of wine it was something to enjoy. Mine is the generation of glasses of wine and beer drinkers.

I meet people in the shop who are moving to a healthier lifestyle. Some stories are quite compelling and others are just ones to make you happy. And so, yes, you will find me working the shop one day a week. I don’t profess to having near the  knowledge Kristin and Andee have about the products. I will ask them what I should say to people who  ask to recommend something and I like the last answer I received from Kristin that was we recommend everything because that is why we have it in the shop cheers to the companies who are looking to advance healthy drinks to all.

So, if there is a point to my blog post it is this. I am one proud mom to see our daughters making such a  Success of this venture into retail. I think their dad would be amazed – in a good way – and proudly telling everyone he knew about what they have accomplished. Their Work ethic is something to be admired. If I’m in the shop when you arrive know I will greet you in the friendliest way and help you as best as I can. For now, and in the future, I wish our girls continued success in BOTH! of their shops…

Sue Marley, Cards by Sue

From the Mom side
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Very well written, Sue!

Jane VanDyne

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