Sober Spring Break

8 year old on giant chairThis week I enjoyed my first sober spring break. I attempted a sober spring break in 2019 in Washington DC but blew it with some some icy glasses of rosé at a swanky hotel. I'm still experiencing hangxiety four years later on that one. My husband is a sucker for fancy hotel bars, and admittedly I am too. Last Friday my mom, sister, niece, and I made the 770 mile road trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama for spring break 2023. It was a new destination for all of us, and huge thanks to Andee for all her planning. The trip of course involved seafood, swimming and shopping, but a lot of extra joys came with a sober spring break ...
  • Eating mozzarella sticks and Oreos (two kinds!) every. single. day. without the guilt of alcohol calories on top of cheese and junk food calories.
  • Sipping on Lyre’s White Cane Spirit + Coke without risk of a hangover. It seriously tasted like Bacardi + Coke! 
  • Jumping in the waves with my niece. It was pure joy with 100% clarity to remember every moment.
  • Standing in awe of the sky and ocean with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our beautiful planet.

I give sober spring break 10/10. Highly recommend.

Kristin Patrick, Co-Founder, Loren's Alcohol-Free Beverages

Sober Spring Break
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