*Glow Up* with a free Notion Sober Tracker

Andee Marley Simpson runs operations, ordering and strategic planning at Loren's Alcohol-Free.

Boss Lady

It's an interesting time to be a female in the game. We're encouraged by de-influencers to slip into our 'soft-era'; replacing hustle culture with self-care, intuition and slowing down. 

Meanwhile, many of us still love to work and create! Finding a balance between these two lifestyles may seem daunting, but with a little planning, we can find a way to thoughtfully create our best selves.

In the past year, Kris and I started using Notion at Loren's AF to house our playbook, mission and vision, CRM and knowledge base. Around the same time, I started using Notion in my personal life. I use it to track progress on my certifications and organize my life goals and weekly to-do lists. 

Notion is a beautiful project management and productivity tool that can seamlessly weave together all facets of your life so you can live out your business boss/cottage-core fantasies. 

To help you kick off Dry January, we're created a sober-tracker template for you to use and customize to your own interests and goals!

New to Notion? Already a seasoned pro?

Either way, we've created a page you can add to your teamspace to track your progress. Once you add the template, you can add additional goals and dates.


Tag Us on Instagram at @drinklorensaf to report your back on your glowy self! 

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Cover photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash  

*Glow Up* with a free Notion Sober Tracker
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