Anticipating the next big special thing

It took me years to commit to alcohol-free. I'd tell myself I'd start after the next big special thing. You know what I'm talking about. I'd stop drinking alcohol after the next vacation, the next holiday weekend, or the next reunion with college friends. 

Here's the problem. There was always a next big special thing. Can you relate? I recently came across two Instagram posts that addressed this topic -- anticipating the next big special thing. This one is a conversation between and @thesobermomlife.

This one is a post from @ditchedthedrink. 

My sister Andee had a giant next big special thing this month. She got married. We celebrated with a small family dinner in Bloomington, and Uptown Café was kind enough to let us bring two bottles of French Bloom Le Blanc. It can be challenging to picture a wedding dinner or Paris restaurant without an elegant drink. But Andee and I would now argue that you don't have to give up holding a beautiful drink in beautiful stemware in a beautiful dress. Thank you, French Bloom.

I don't any have any specific advice for not letting the next big special thing stop us from committing to an alcohol-free lifestyle or sobriety. Though I do know it's this kind of thinking keeps us stuck in the same cycles. There is power in being open with our stories. Maybe my advice is to keep sharing them. 

Kristin Patrick, Co-Founder of Loren's Alcohol-Free Beverages 


📸: Photo by Andrew Knechel on Unsplash

Anticipating the next big special thing
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Congratulations to Andee and to new sparkling chapters that await your family!

Leah GiaQuinta

What?!?! Andie got married? Congratulations!!! How wonderful. Can’t wait to catch up soon! xoxo, Jeannine

Jeannine Fortier

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