Making every day a special occasion

We remember when two bottles of French Bloom showed up at our Main Street door with a handwritten note from Chris Becker, Founder of Better Rhodes. We agreed that the packaging was spectacular but worried about how the premium bubbly would fare on shelves already crowded with sparkling wines. We placed a small order as a test run, and the answer quickly revealed itself. French Bloom passed the ultimate test. Customers purchased Le Blanc and Le Rosé and then returned to our shop to buy again.

Here’s our confession. We let those original sample bottles sit. We kept waiting for the right time to pop them open. You know... one of those occasions when you light the centerpiece candles and break out the fancy stemware. The calendar hit February, and we were scheduled for a Valentine’s Day segment on Fox59’s Lifestyle Show IndyNow. Bringing French Bloom with us was an obvious decision. We opened French Bloom on a run-through and fell instantly in love.

Since then, we’ve made it a habit to break out the French Bloom on the regular and not wait for the extraordinary moments. Drinking it with pizza and Netflix on a Friday night. Sipping French Bloom on a Saturday morning with girlfriends over breakfast or splitting a bottle with our significant others on a hectic Wednesday evening. French Bloom remains a star of our shop, and this past summer, we added the French Bloom Discovery Sets. Each box contains Le Blanc, Le Rosé, and two engraved crystal glasses. It’s the perfect gift for someone who is no longer interested in collecting things but rather luxurious life experiences.

Kristin Patrick, Co-Founder, Loren's Alcohol-Free Beveragea

French Bloom Discovery Set / $90


Making every day a special occasion
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