Learnings from Six Months of Sobriety

shay mccoy

Because celebrating the small wins still count as big steps - the beginning of April marked half a year of quitting drinking and exploring a sober lifestyle. I could go on and on about the way sober living has changed me, it’s basically my personality at this point, which I’m okay with because it used to be the opposite. What started as a #soberoctober challenge has turned into a 180 degree lifestyle switch and I’m for the better because of it. Here are 6 things I’ve learned so far in six months of sobriety:

  1. You’ll feel spiritual lighter, no longer are you in the grips of obligation to something
  2. You’ll create deeper connections with the people in your life and you’ll put yourself in situations that you can further grow
  3. You’ll understand everyday is different, some days are very easy until you’re at that event or party and wish you could have a glass - this doesn’t mean you’re a hypocrite, it means you’re human
  4. You’ll be regarded with disbelief a lot of the time, many people will ask you if your sobriety has an expiration date - it’s okay to not have an answer and figure it out for yourself
  5. You’ll celebrate every month as a milestone because it gets easier with everyday
  6. You’ll be in wonder of the fact that your best days are truly ahead of you and there’s so much more for you than what’s at the bottom of a glass

Shay McCoy, Founder of City of Shay

Learnings from Six Months of Sobriety
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