Hosting - But Make it Trendy, Fun + Inclusive!

April Showers are here in full force, which means that May flowers are right around the corner! My personal favorite way to spend a sunny, spring day is to be with the people that I love - and what better way to show my love than by hosting a fun, cute, and trendy spring brunch? 

First, let’s set the scene..

It’s 2024 - if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, it simply doesn’t count! Creating a tablescape that is memorable and grabs your guests’ attention is first and foremost - and the more layers, the better! Decide on a color scheme that fulfills your vision and get to creating. 

Start out with a simple tablecloth, and elevate the space by adding a table runner, coordinating placemats, dishes, napkins, cutlery, and all the floral arrangements your heart desires! My current obsession is a cheesecloth table runner - fluffed and messy to add some texture - with varying heights of candlestick holders and florals tastefully placed along the way.. stunning! Add your dishes, pretty glasses, cloth napkins, and cutlery and you’re set for perfection. 

And now, for the star of the show.. the sips + eats! 

Let’s be real - this is what we’re all really here for! Which is why I find it essential to elevate your hosting game by making sure to have inclusive options for everyone. When creating your food + beverage menu, it’s important to create an environment where everyone can safely indulge. Offer options that cater to your guests with food allergies, dietary restrictions, and those who don’t consume alcohol. 

An easy way to do this is to make sure that the main course adheres to all dietary restrictions of the group! Then, you can have a little more fun when choosing appetizers and desserts knowing that there will be at least one option that everyone can eat. Make sure to label your food options to help guide your guests to know what they are able to add to their plate. Some of my favorite brunch finger foods to offer are piggies in a blanket, mini avocado toast bites, egg bites, mini chicken + waffle sliders, fresh fruit, French toast sticks, and various pastries. You simply cannot go wrong with breakfast food, ever! 

Last but certainly not least... Let’s talk beverages! Curating and sipping beautiful drinks is my favorite part of the experience, which is why it’s so important to be inclusive of your guests by offering non-alcoholic options! I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good mocktail?

I may be biased, but there’s truly only one way to create the best mocktails your guests will ever have.. which is by visiting Loren’s AF, obviously! They seriously have the BEST selection of wines, spirits, mixers, and everything in between. Their team is so knowledgeable and excited to help you create refreshing, yummy, and pretty drinks that your guests will RAVE about for years down the road!  

Although the taste of the mocktail is important, presentation is equally as important! My favorite way to step up my mocktail game is by having fun ice cubes and garnishes in my drinks. You can find the prettiest ice cube molds on Amazon for like five bucks, and it adds SUCH a fun spin to your drink! I found rose shaped ice molds and filled them with orange juice. Then when it was time to serve, I poured non-alcoholic bubbly over the orange juice ice cubes to create the perfect mimosa mocktail. Serve in pretty glassware, garnish with fruit or edible fresh flowers, and sit back and enjoy time with all of your guests! 

Vanessa Veerkamp | @vanessaveerkamp 


Hosting - But Make it Trendy, Fun + Inclusive!
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