Five ways to add more sparkle to your sparkling water

Crunchy ice

Everything tastes better with crunchy ice! Am I right or am I right? Search "crunchy ice maker" or "nugget ice machine" on Amazon to find countertop options for your kitchen. We've also heard you can buy crunchy ice by the bag at Sonic Drive-In on State Road 32 in Westfield. Do it!


It's all about the stemware! But really, this applies to all beverages – not just sparkling water. Pouring your drink into beautiful stemware will instantly elevate your experience. We carry Viski brand and have also scooped up some cute tumblers from our sweet neighbor, MacArthur Books, in the Village of WestClay.

Edible glitter

Yes! You can literally add sparkle to your sparkling water with edible glitter. Warning, small smidge goes a long way. We love Fancy Sprinkles brand. Follow them on Instagram for the cutest baking and drink-making inspo!


All The Bitter Lavender Bitters

Bitters and soda is the classic sober person's drink, and there's a reason. It's so good! We recommend All The Bitter Lavender, All The Bitter New Orleans, or El Guapo Fuego. Add bitters to a highball glass with ice. Pour sparkling water to fill the glass and stir. 

Brella Cocktail Drops

We are huge fans of Chicago-based Brella Cocktail Drops. No sugar, no calories, and no mess! Each bottle makes fifteen drinks and fits neatly into your pocket or purse. Perfect for when the team or office heads to happy hour, and the bar can only offer club soda. Brella Cocktail Drops are also ideal for concerts. 

What did we miss? How do you add sparkle to your sparkling water? Comment below. ⬇

Kristin Patrick, Co-Founder

Loren's Alcohol-Free Beverages





Five ways to add more sparkle to your sparkling water
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